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Thanks to Lew Blank for producing this video.

Groundwork is a community organization of white people working to achieve racial justice and equity in Dane County, Wisconsin.  Our three main goals are:

1) Engaging white people to work for racial justice
2) Working in collaboration with organizations led by people of color
3) Deepening our members’ own education and leadership development

We are committed to doing work against racism and white privilege and for racial justice and equity in our daily lives from the heart, with dignity, and integrity.

Our Goals:

(1) Engaging White People to Work for Racial Justice: Groundwork works with white people to dismantle white supremacy and all systems of oppression and inequity within our circles of influence, particularly within movements for social justice.  We work with white people in working for racial justice through trainings, education, support, on-going organizational transformation, organizational collaboration, racial justice campaigns, action alerts, and leadership development.

(2) Collaborating with People of Color-Led Organizations: Groundwork works to create and sustain accountable relationships with groups that prioritize racial justice and are led by people of color.  Our aim is to build alliances with these organizations and individuals to advance racial justice and equity.

(3) Deepening our Members Own Education and Leadership Development: Groundwork members support one another through self-education, reflection, and sharing our experiences of working against racism and for racial justice in our daily lives.  We build our confidence, leadership, and analysis through this ongoing process while trying to cultivate a racial justice culture of both accountability and support among white people.

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